With reference to the Page 1 and Page 11 of the article “Another UN appeal to seek $600m more for flood aid” published in DAWN Newspaper dated; 1st October, 2022, it is requested to make following corrections in the article.

The article mentioned that; (i) the economic growth rate estimated by the government would fall massively to 2pc during the ongoing fiscal year, against 5pc budgeted target. And (ii) the preliminary damage need assessment completed last week had put the total losses and reconstruction costs of flood related damages at about $30 billion. 

The above-mentioned figures were not discussed in the 2nd Follow-up meeting of the Steering Committee for Coordination Regarding International Assistance for Flood Relief Activities held at EAD. 

It was mentioned in the press release issued by Ministry of Economic Affairs, dated; 29th September that the damage need assessment report will be completed by the mid of October which will provide complete picture of the overall damage due to the floods and actual requirement of flood assistance. 

Therefore, the actual losses and reconstruction cost of flood cannot be estimated before the issuance of the damage need assessment report.