H.E. German Ambassador to Pakistan Mr. Alfred Grannas and Dr. Kazim Niaz, Secretary Ministry of Economic Affairs signed agreements amounting Euro 8 million at Economic Affairs Division on 12th January, 2023.

Government of Pakistan
Ministry of Economic Affairs
(Economic Affairs Division)
Press Release

Germany to provide Euro 28 million support to Pakistan.

Islamabad: Government of Pakistan and Germany signed two framework agreements -amounting Euro 28 million focusing on socio economic uplift and sustainable development of Pakistan.

German Ambassador to Pakistan Mr. Alfred Grannas representing the German Government and the Ministry of Economic Affairs signed agreements in the energy and governance sectors.

 Mr. Alfred Grannas and Dr. Kazim Niaz, Secretary Ministry of Economic Affairs signed the agreements. Officials from KfW and GIZ also participated in the signing ceremony.

Germany will provide a grant financing of Euro 23 million under framework agreement-Technical Cooperation Agreement 2021 through GIZ.Under this framework agreement three projects will be financed namely “Participatory Local  Governance”, “Building Transition to Promote Energy Efficiency in Buildings” and “Strengthening Climate Adaptation and Resilience”. Participatory Local Governance project with overall financing of Euro 10 Million, will boost service delivery capacities of local authorities in KP and Punjab to meet local needs and priorities, while other project involving Euro 3 million-Building Transition to Promote Energy Efficiency in Buildings has overall objective to promote energy efficiency through building transition model through political, legal and regulatory interventions, while using inventories and pilot demonstration models. Strengthening Climate Adaptation and Resilience, having overall commitment of Euro 10 million, will contribute towards improving all prerequisites for climate change adaptation and climate risk management.

Along with this, another Framework agreement namely Financial cooperation Agreement 2020 worth grant of Euro 5 million is also signed today. This framework agreement will comprise of only one project titled “Self-Employment for Women in the Health Sector” which will be executed by KfW. This project will aid to enable conditions for creating and securing jobs and income opportunities that will further help meeting international environmental and social Standards and to contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic growth.
Mr. Kazim Niaz, Secretary Ministry of Economic Affairs thanked the German Government for the support and appreciated the important role being played by Government of German Federation in economic growth and promotion of the sustainable development in the country. 

Mr. Alfred Grannas, German Ambassador remarked that the funding provided by Germany in the fields of climate adaptation, economic empowerment and governance will not only help the sectoral improvement but also result in socio-economic uplift of the beneficiaries through jobs creation and sustainable development. 

The economic cooperation between Germany and Pakistan dates back to over 60 years during which Germany has been providing consistent support to Pakistan for socio-economic uplift and sustainable development.