2023 Multilateral Training Programs Under China Aid (October-December), 2023

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Project List of 2023 Multilateral Training Programs under China Aid(Oct.-Dec.)  
No. EAD File Reference Number English Name of Training Courses Course Duration (Days) Number of Participants Place Starting date Finishing date EAD Deadline
1 3(49)EA/China-II/2023 Training Course on Traditional Chinese Medicine with Distinctive Characteristics 14 4 CHINA 17-Oct-23 30-Oct-23 22-Sep-23
2 3(50)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on Railway Planning & Construction for South & Southeast Asian Countries 14 4 CHINA 18-Oct-23 31-Oct-23 22-Sep-23
3 3(51)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on Comprehensive Utilization of Circular Agriculture for Belt and Road Countries 14 4 CHINA 19-Oct-23 1-Nov-23 22-Sep-23
4 3(52)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on Food safety Management in Circulation 21 4 CHINA 24-Oct-23 13-Nov-23 1-Oct-23
5 3(53)EA/China-II/2023 Advanced Seminar for Officials of Geology and Mineral Resources Management from Developing Countries 14 4 Online 25-Oct-23 7-Nov-23 1-Oct-23
6 3(54)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on Rural Revitalization and National Modernization for Developing Countries 10 4 CHINA 31-Oct-23 9-Nov-23 1-Oct-23
7 3(55)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on population and development for Developing Countries 14 4 CHINA 1-Nov-23 14-Nov-23 1-Oct-23
8 3(56)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on E-commerce and Internet Innovation 14 4 Online 2-Nov-23 15-Nov-23 1-Oct-23
9 3(57)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on Vocational Education Model and Technical Skills for Developing Countries 20 4 CHINA 3-Nov-23 22-Nov-23 1-Oct-23
10 3(58)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on Artemisinin and Malaria Control and Elimination 14 4 Online 7-Nov-23 20-Nov-23 10-Oct-23
11 3(59)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on Construction of Information Highway Network for Developing Country Officials 21 4 CHINA 8-Nov-23 28-Nov-23 10-Oct-23
12 3(60)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar for Market System Construction in Developing Countries  14 4 Online 8-Nov-23 21-Nov-23 10-Oct-23
13 3(61)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on Comprehensive Development and Utilization of Mountain Areas for BRI Countries  21 4 CHINA 9-Nov-23 29-Nov-23 10-Oct-23
14 3(62)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on Economic and Trade Cooperation for Developing Countries 21 4 CHINA 14-Nov-23 4-Dec-23 12-Oct-23
15 3(63)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on Biological Resource Utilization and Ecological Conservation for Developing Countries 14 4 CHINA 16-Nov-23 29-Nov-23 12-Oct-23
16 3(64)EA/China-II/2023 Training Course on Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment Techniques for Developing Countries 21 4 CHINA 30-Nov-23 20-Dec-23 18-Oct-23
17 3(65)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on Management Capacity Enhancement in Primary and Secondary Schools in Developing Countries 14 4 CHINA 1-Dec-23 14-Dec-23 18-Oct-23
18 3(66)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar for Intellectual Property Protection and Development in Developing Countries  14 4 Online 5-Dec-23 18-Dec-23 18-Oct-23
19 3(67)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on Law Enforcement and Security for Officials from  the B&R Countries 14 4 CHINA 7-Dec-23 20-Dec-23 18-Oct-23
20 3(68)EA/China-II/2023 Seminar on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Capacity Building for Developing Countries Cancelled