E-Learning 2021 Multilateral Training Programs under China AID. Closing Date: 8th October, 2021.

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List of Multilateral Seminar for the year 2021
No. EAD Reference No.  Name of Training Seminar Courses Course Duration Starting date Finishing date EAD's Deadline
1 3(1)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Better Maternal and Child Healthcare for Developing Countries in BRI 14 April, 2021   2-Apr-21
2 3(2)EA/China-II/2021 Training Course on Pediatric Nursing Technologies for Developing Countries  21 7-Apr-21 27-Apr-21 2-Apr-21
3 3(3)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on development and management of service outsourcing for developing countries  14 7-Apr-21 20-Apr-21 2-Apr-21
4 3(4)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Poverty Alleviation in Implementing 2030 Sustanable Development Agenda for Developing Countries 14 7-Apr-21 20-Apr-21 2-Apr-21
5 3(5)EA/China-II/2021 Training Course on Diagnosis and Treatment of Covid-19 for Belt and Road Countries 10 13-Apr-21 22-Apr-21 9-Apr-21
6 3(6)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Infectious Diseases Control for “Belt and Road” Countries 14 15-Apr-21 28-Apr-21 9-Apr-21
7 3(7)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Agricultural Products Distribution and Trade for B&R Countries 7 11-May-21 19-May-21 30-Apr-21
8 3(8)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Financial Services for China's Development Assistance Projects 14 12-May-21 25-May-21 30-Apr-21
9 3(9)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Aviation Safety Operation Management for the “ Belt and Road ” Countries 14 27-May-21 9-Jun-21 13-May-21
10 3(10)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Food Security for Developing Countries   Jun-21   27-May-21
11 3(11)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Trade and Investment Facilitation for Developing Countries 14 16-Jun-21 29-Jun-21 4-Jun-21
12 3(12)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Rail Transportation Construction and Operation Management for B&R Countries 14 21-Jun-21 4-Jul-21 11-Jun-21
13 3(13)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on pediatric critical diseases technology for Developing Countries  21 2-Jul-21 22-Jul-21 18-Jun-21
14 3(14)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Sharing China’s Development Experience under the"Belt and Road" Initiative 10 12-Jul-21 21-Jul-21 2-Jul-21
15 3(15)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Industrial Park Construction and Open Economic Development for B&R Countries 14 4-Aug-21 17-Aug-21 16-Jul-21
16 3(16)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Transportation Infrastructure Construction under Belt and Road 14 12-Aug-21 25-Aug-21 30-Jul-21
17 3(17)EA/China-II/2021 Ministerial Workshop on Water Resources Management and Social and Economic Development for developing Countries   Sept-21   20-Aug-21
18 3(18)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Management of China's Development Assistance Projects for Developing Countries 14 2-Sep-21 15-Sep-21 20-Aug-21
19 3(19)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Mitigation and Rescue of Meteorological Disasters for Developing Countries 14 26-Oct-21 10-Nov-21 8-Oct-21
20 3(20)EA/China-II/2021 Seminar on Agricultural Mechanization for Developing Countries   Jul-21   14-Jun-21