US$ 150 million loan signed with ADB for Rehabilitating of Trimmu and Panjnad Barrages



 Today, 5th December, 2014, the Government of Pakistan (GoP) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed Loan and Project Agreements amounting to US$ 150 million for the Loan No. 3159/3160: Trimmu and Panjnad Barrages Improvement Project. The Loan Agreement was signed by Mr. Muhammad Saleem Sethi, Secretary, Economic Affairs Division (EAD) and Mr. Werner E. Liepach, Country Director, ADB PRM, Islamabad while the Project Agreement was signed by Mr. Saif Anjum, Secretary, Irrigation Department, the Government of Punjab.


The Trimmu and Panjnad Barrage Improvement Project (TPBIP) will provide reliable irrigation water to 1.74 million ha which will primarily benefit to 600,000 farming families in Punjab. It will help to reduce risk of communities against floods (150,000 people), droughts and pressure on ground water abstraction. Both the Trimmu and Panjnad barrages are about 80 years old, structurally deteriorated and face safety and operational risks. Trimmu barrage is located downstream of the confluence of Jhelum and Chenab rivers. Its Flood Passing Capacity has been reduced from 18,265 cubic meters per second in 1939 to 12,743 now. Panjnad barrage is located downstream of confluence point of Sutlej and Chenab rivers. The proposed project will be climate resilient and it will enhance the Flood Passing Capacity (FPC) of Trimmu barrage to 24,777 (94% higher) and Panjnad barrage from 19,822 in 1932 to 24,495 (25% higher) reducing downstream floods risks.

The project is expected to be completed by 30th September, 2020.