The International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW), Japan Fully Funded Scholarship Program. Closing Date: End of October, 2017Download



Download: EAD Circular   ,  Application Form   ,   Brochure


In addition to EAD Circular, the following information may also be noted by applicants as provided by University.


(1)     Applicants should pledge to return to their home countries and serve 
as leaders in the fields of health and welfare after completion of their 
studies at IUHW.

(2)     Applicants must have at least 12-years’ school education (or 
equivalent) with good academic record.

(3)     Applicants must have sufficient Japanese language proficiency or 
equivalent with Japanese Proficiency Test (the N2 level), in order to study 
at IUHW without difficulties.

(4)     Applicants should be in good health.

Contact for this program has been changed. 

New contact:

International University of Health and Welfare
International Affairs