TDPs Emergency Recovery Project signed

To support early rehabilitation of FATA TDPs and reconstruction works in the areas, an agreement for the “TDPs Emergency Recovery Project” was signed on 23rd September, 2015. Mr. Muhammad Saleem Sethi, Secretary, Economic Affairs Division signed on behalf of Government of Pakistan while the Director General (Projects), NADRA and Country Director, World Bank signed on behalf of NADRA and World Bank respectively.

The project will finance support for the early recovery of families affected by the actions against militancy, promote child health and strengthen safety nets and delivery systems in the affected areas of FATA.

The Secretary, EAD informed that for rehabilitation work an amount of approximately US$ 803 million was required. Donors such as China, IDB and Italy are already forthcoming with their assistance and the modalities are being finalized. Other donors are also being mobilized.

As part of the project implementation, a Steering Committee has been formulated which will serve as the key body for coordinating not only the US$ 75 million cash transfer program of the WB but all other matters relating to donor assistance to TDPs of FATA.

It was reaffirmed that the government will continue to support early recovery and rehabilitation of FATA TDPs and mobilize all available resources for bringing peace and stability in the region.